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Thoughts on tonight’s UFC Fight Night

I realize the card isn’t too far off and I don’t have time for a full preview anyway so I just wanted to live my quick thoughts on tonight’s UFC Fight Night 10 card.

The card obviously lacks star power and I wouldn’t expect it to do a big rating. However, if you’re looking for good fights, I think you will see some tonight. When Sam Stout and Spencer Fisher fought the first time at UFC 58, it was a great match. Both these guys are so similar in style. Fisher and Stout are great technical boxers. They not only have power, but they have quick hands.

I might be biased since I have trained at the MFS affiliate school in Philadelphia in the past, but Spencer took the first fight with Stout on short notice and had to cut over 20 pounds two days out before the fight. He’s never used it as an excuse but I think it played a huge role in the outcome.

I also think there’s a lot at stake for both guys. Once TUF 5 wraps up, there’s going to be an influx of new lightweight fighters coming into what is an already deep division. Whoever loses tonight could easily see themselves fall through the UFC’s cracks in the future.

Drew McFedries vs. Jordan Radev should have some action. McFedries is another MFS fighter while Radev is from Bulgaria. He has a wrestling background and has fought primarily on smaller shows. McFedries is a beast at 185 lbs. and has a lot of potential. He fought Martin Kampmann on the UFC 68 card in Columbus and was just rocking Kampmann. Kampmann might actually be the most technically sound Muay Thai striker in the UFC but McFedries had so much heat on his punches that Kampmann had to resort to taking the fight to the ground. Radev will be giving up a lot of reach to McFedries so I expect a big knockout by McFedries.

The third bout scheduled for TV is Jon Fitch vs. Roan Carneiro. Fitch could be the most underrated fighter in MMA right now. The problem is that he’s a wrestler in a sport where striking sells. Also, he’s stuck in a crowded UFC welterweight division, which was compounded by the fact that Pride never had an equivalent to the welterweight division. So if you’re a top welterweight you don’t have a lot of leverage because there is no competition. You either take what the UFC gives you or you do what Eddie Alvarez and Jake Shields are doing and you fight for better money on smaller shows. But Fitch has stuck it out with the UFC and will be making a rare TV appearance. A lot of the top guys don’t want to face him because his wrestling is so good and he takes people out of their games. Carniero trains with Brazilian Top Team and won his UFC debut against Rich Clementi during the last UFC Fight Night in April. Obviously, he has good Jiu-Jitsu but the only way I see him winning this fight is Fitch makes a mental error and gets caught in a submission. I think Fitch will win via ground and pound in the third.

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    It was a great event, a nice improvement considering FN9 was pretty bad, especially the main event. We got to see a little of everything though I was sort of surprised at the ref’ing in the Mcfedries fight. They should have jumped in much sooner (or Mcfedries should have shown some composure) as it was obvious that Radev wasn’t going to be getting up and Mcfedries kepting trying to punch him through the mat.
    Fisher looked much improved over his last bout with Franca, the main event was great.
    After watching tonites fights I am a little more jazzed about 72 this weekend, I was pretty depressed at the card but last night reminded me why I love the sport so much.


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