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Murphy taken off UFC 72 card

Left without an opponent, Tom Murphy has been removed from the UFC 72 card this Saturday in Belfast, Ireland. broke the news late last week that Jake O’Brien had to pull out of the match against Murphy with a back injury (which could be career-threatening, according to his agent, Ken Pavia).  The UFC had contacted Justin McCully about filling in as a last-minute replacement but he couldn’t get his injury suspension reduced.

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    It looks like hiring Ken Pavia as your agent is a career-threatening from the way things have been going for his fighters lately… Is Murphy in the hospital – what’s his prognosis?

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    Actually, it’s O’Brien that is injured. He’s not in the hospital, but is going to a lot of doctors from what I understand.

    BTW, how was the Extreme Challenge card on Saturday? I read that Aaron Miesner won again in the first round. I also heard the guy went for a takedown and Aaron stuffed it? I definitely think he’ll be fighting on national cards in a year or two. The guy is a beast.

    Also, wasn’t Jon Murphy supposed to fight? I didn’t see his name on the results.

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    I thought the EC amateur show was better than the pro one, I left after Aaron’s pro fight though, so I didn’t catch the last few bouts.

    Aaron’s opponent made a really crappy shoot w/no real setup at the beginning – Aaron stuffed it, they clinched and the guy got wrecked by knees until he staggered and clutched his forearm – the ref stopped it and the guy looked like he was saying his arm was broken – later on the site I saw that he has a shoulder injury – I guess his arm went numb.

    Jackson Galka dominated his guy w/his reach and precision striking, then RNC’d him.

    Tuan had an exciting back and forth scramble/striking match until he got an armlock – he did every single fundamental that Brad teaches – I hope his students get to see some video of that bout.

    Jon Murphy was in the audience – I think his opponent dropped out for some reason earlier in the week?

    You should have attended – Monte Cox was there and was chit-chatting about all sorts of interesting stuff. You should interview him, he’s really personable.


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