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Silva talks Liddell has an excellent column on its site right now covering the Brazilian MMA scene.  There’s a lot of great stuff in it, including comments from Wanderlei Silva addressing reports about a match with Chuck Liddell and a possible association with Randy Couture’s gym, Xtreme Couture.

On Couture:

Having taken some time off from fighting, former Pride Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva recently traveled to the U.S. The Chute Boxe fighter is currently visiting Randy Couture’s Xtreme Couture gym, conducting seminars and showcasing some of his skills and techniques to students. “There’s a big chance that Chute Boxe will send somebody to teach the Brazilian Chute Boxe way of fighting in Couture’s camp,” stated Silva.

In regard to Liddell, it looks like once a contract is signed we’ll see the bout possibly take place in September:

Wanderlei is currently waiting for a contract offer before he begins training full time again. A family oriented person, the former champion has been spending time with his wife and kids while remaining focused on potential fights in the near future. According to Silva, “My next fight will probably be against Chuck Liddell in September. It might be the fight of the year, let’s wait and see what happens.”

Check out the whole article at:

  • says:

    at the end of the article, Pedro Rizzo mentions he’s ready for a fight with Jeff Monson? Wha? Where? Who? Huh?
    Jeff Monson is my favorite anarchist submission grappler in the WHOLE WORLD.

    you know any others? it seems fighters tend to fall on the libertarian/apolitical side of life.


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