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Filho: Contract with WEC almost finished

The Brazilian MMA update on also has a quote from Brazilian Top Team member and Pride fighter Paulo Filho confirming that it looks like he’s headed to the WEC:

“The contract with WEC is almost finished and will be for 4 fights. The WEC will be great exposure for me and hopefully it will lead to an opportunity in the UFC,” stated Paulo in a recent interview.

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    This is exactly what Filho needs. It will get him some cage experience out of the public light, except for us hardcore fans. Really, other than the bushido’s, he doesnt have a ton of experience. I still think he’s top four at 185, but he needs more fire to compete with the Nates, Riches, and Andersons of the class. I think he’s so good, he really hasnt been tested yet. This will be his time. UFC belt within two years.

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    I am still unsure of this move. Fighting in the WEC will be a step down for him (my guess is that he will eventually fight meyham, who is small for 185. After that, they don’t have anyone who even poses as a threat). I think he is good enough to just step into the UFC and contend, much like anderson did. His style is perfect for the cage, so I don’t think he needs to get used to it like strikers do(crocop). He may not have the most impressive list of opponents, but it is not bad and rivals that of rich, nate and even anderson. The 185 division in mma is a strange one. It is almost impossible to even rank these guys in any type of sequential order because they haven’t fought each other. It is unlike any other division in mma.

    Look at mmaweeklys top ten, out of the top 7, only two of the guys have fought eachother (rich vs anderson). Lindland is floating around fighting hwy(fedor) and light hwy (rampage), filho and kang have been idle from major comp for awhile (kangs spirit fight wasn’t against top comp) and henderson is fighting light hwys now. This division is a mess right now and I think the best thing to do if your going to sign these guys is try and get them in the same org. Right now it is just too fragmented.

    Ps UFC belt in 2 years is a definite possibility depending on how they cross promote with WEC and UFC


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