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FEG official: “For anyone to question our numbers is preposterous.”

“This is why we went to the Coliseum: to make a statement. For anyone to then question our numbers is preposterous and ridiculous.” – Mike Kogan, U.S.-based events director for FEG, as quoted in the LA Times.

Then I guess that makes me preposterous and ridiculous.

In regard to the 18,340 fans that were actually accounted for officially, claims continue that there were more fans. According to the article in the Times, witnesses claim that “truckloads” of fans entered the Coliseum at gates that had no turnstiles. One of those witnesses is pretty credible in CSAC member William Douglas.

Douglas and EliteXC co-promoter Gary Shaw both estimated the actual crowd between 25,000-30,000.

However, Kogan is claiming that the many of the 39,083 tickets FEG purchased from itself were actually sold. I’m not making it up.  Here’s his quote:

“All of those [39,083] tickets were sold, mostly to the Korean communities,” Kogan said.

“Our card had a pretty heavy number of Korean fighters on it, and we were heavily relying on the Korean and Asian communities for sales. We directed our marketing to Koreatown and Little Tokyo.”

The hilarity continues at:,1,7259399.story?coll=

Note to promoters: If you want to boast an attendance record and don’t want have to deal with credibility questions, make sure proper accounting is done. A record isn’t a record just because you say so.

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    So his point is that you don’t count Koreans, you just guess? Is it a “they all look alike anyway” thing? I don’t follow this dude’s weird logic.

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