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Tommy Morrison afraid of killing someone

Professional boxer and former heavyweight title contender (you know, I think he might have actually held a belt at one point, but it wasn’t a glamorous one) Tommy Morrison is set to make his mixed martial arts debut this Saturday on an unsanctioned card at the Cliff Castle Casino in Northern Arizona.

Morrison’s opponent is none other than John Stover.

I’m kidding about the “none other” part. Stover weighs 325 pounds, which means he outweighs Morrison by over 100 pounds (Morrison claims he weighs 213).

So, Morrison will be fighting MMA which must mean he’s spent a ton of time working on submissions and take-down defense?

Nah, in fact, he’s done no MMA prep work at all for this match.

However, he will be fighting inside of a cage and will be wearing four-ounce gloves. Because he’ll be wearing such light gloves, he’s concerned he might kill Stover.

“I’m just going to walk out and hit him on the chin,” Morrison said during Thursday night press conference. “I’m concerned about killing someone. I’m not kidding.”

“We’re trained to hit a moving target. These guys run in with their chin hanging out.”

Morrison might not get his chance to kill Stover though, because his opponent didn’t even show up for the press conference, creating some concern as to whether he’ll show up for Saturday’s fight.

If Stover doesn’t show up, the fans who do come to watch the show will be treated to a match between Dan “The Beast” Severn (81-15-7) vs. Victor Vincelette (2-2).

If you’re wondering how old Dan is these days, he’s 49! He’s the Julio Franco of MMA. If you wondering who cleared Severn to fight, remember, this is an unsanctioned card.

You know how sometimes people talk about one day there’s going to be a death on some MMA card that isn’t regulated? This sounds like one of those shows.

As for Morrison, if Stover does show up, let’s hope his MMA debut goes better than his acting debut in Rocky V when he showed his range in portraying the character “Tommy Gunn.” After watching that movie I was left wondering how you could suck at acting when you were playing yourself.

  • says:

    Someone aleady did die in an unsanctioned i.e. foreign MMA card. You did know that? He was fighting a Russian, had a head injury/neck trauma prior to the fight. It wasnt brutal at all, well as far as Russian MMA goes. I think his name was Doug Dedge and it happened in 98 or 99.

  • says:

    Yes, but it was a very small show and I was talking about the U.S.

    Rogan even referenced the death during his ESPN interview with Lou Dibella and Brian Kenny.

  • says:

    Okay. Whew, you were worrying me, Sam. Btw, I read this site everyday. Big fan, man. Corny, but great job everyday.

  • xXxIceMan88xXx says:

    tommy morrison held 2 glamerous titles in the WBO Heavywieght title and the IBC Heavywieght boxing title, both titles hold great merrit, problem was he lost them within the same year he got them.


    tommy morrison is a hell of a fighter with the heart most of you assholes dont have,, he gets back up and keeps fighting he doesnt stay down,, you motherfuckers talking smack about him wouldnt last 1/2 a secound in the ring with him,, tommy is a true hero and should be added to the list of boxing greats,,, my hats off to tomm morriosn,, he deserves respect and great recognition of what he has acheved,, as for his acting,, he done a hell of a job doing what they asked of him,, SO FUCK YOU ASSHOLES THAT HAVE TO CUT DOWN A GUY JUST DOING HIS JOB,, AND DID HIS JOB WELL,, NEVER BACKED OUT OF A FIGHT, AND ALWAYS FOUGHT WHO THEY PUT IN FRONT OF HIM,, SO STICK THAT UP YOUR ASS MOTHERFUCKER AND SMOKE IT,,,, P.S FUCK YOU!!!!!

  • Christopher says:

    Fucking asshole writer, I bet you would not say that to his face chump!. He done a great job in Rocky 5, It was Rocky’s son that fucked the whole moving with his gay acting.


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