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UFC rejects Jon Fitch’s sponsor has revealed that their attempt to sponsor Jon Fitch for UFC Fight Night 10 on June 12 has been rejected by the UFC. No reason for the rejection has been stated by the UFC as of yet.

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    I have never been a big dana fan but I have always respected him and what he has done for the sport. But out of all the things I dislike about him, this has to be at the top of the list (not just this specific case but genericly speaking). He seems to forget the little guy that helped make this sport what it is today. Remember when he didn’t want to have sherdog or mmaweekly etc. at cageside? He was holding out for espn and SI. Yeah I understand the need to have mainstream media coverage and blue chip sponsers, but this is wrong and disrespectful. Your hardcore fans are who made you what you are dana, and if you keep pulling this kind of stuff, they will be the same people who break you. I don’t even like (I don’t like any site that is partial to just one org), but they deserve the right to get their name out there. Dana has always been a little off on some things (UFC myth) but I never thought it was going to be anything that could really hurt the sport. I guess my question for sam or anyone else is, Do you think dana cares more about advancing his brand (ie wealth) than about advancing mma as a sport? Also do you think that the way he goes about certain things could destroy the very sport he helped build? (meaning the sport could regress from where it is now, not that the sport would cease to exist)

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    What do you think of the selectiveness of the UFC with its fighters sponsors. There is already a lot of criticism about fighter pay being low and now they pull a good sponsor from a respected sponsor so late that he can’t get another one. Also, what do you think of the fact that they were denied but UFC junkie did get to sponsor Sean Salmon?

    I just love hearing opinions on this story.


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    All major sports leagues have tight restrictions for their players. In the NFL, a player gets fined if he wears a head band. In the NBA, a player gets fined if his shorts go beyond a certain lenght. So to me, it’s no surprise the UFC has rules that it wants it’s fighters to follow.

    However, the NBA, NFL, and MLB not only have players’ associations, but they have written codes of conduct. If the UFC has certain expectations of their fighters, I think it should be written out (if it isn’t already) so that there isn’t any gray area. This way, a guy like Fitch will know who is an acceptable sponsor and who isn’t. A written code of conduct will mean there is consistency and fairness (people should know why things are allowed and why they aren’t).

    Now, I’m not sure why the UFC denied as a sponsor. They haven’t said publicly, which means we can only speculate. And I’m going to do that. When I thought about it, two potential reasons came to mind:

    1) is using the “UFC” name. With the UFC brand growing, there’s a potential that Zuffa is now trying to protect their brand. I used to own and operate a fantasy football site in the ’90’s and the NFL was always after small site operators in regard to how we used the NFL name. Certain fantasy sites would include the NFL initials in their moniker. Those sites were hit with legal action. And I think all of us that were in the fantasy industry had to put disclaimers stating we were not affiliated with the NFL. The UFC was lax when it came to the use of their name, but I think they might be cracking down. If this is the case, I can understand their position (but they should come out and clearly state it) because there could be confusion on the part of some people that sites that incorporate the UFC initials are somehow affiliated with the UFC. Also, if these sites wanted to sell merchandise, they’d be using the UFC name.

    If the UFC is changing their policy, I hope they don’t follow the NFL’s lead and treat site operators like pieces of crap. Don’t send legal letters and make threats. Reach out, contact these site operators, and explain your position, and try to work with them in finding a suitable solution to the problem. If they force the owners to change their URLs, then offer them a bone or something (not money, but maybe access to interviews, some free tickets to shows when they are in a site owner’s area, maybe a links area on their web site to help the site owner’s re-establish traffic with their new URL).

    In regard to the Salmon situation, well, and Salmon were the first and maybe the UFC’s decision in regard to was brought on by the Salmon and relationship.

    I could be completely wrong about the UFC name theory. But if I had the money, I could easily test it by trying to sponsor a fighter. If they approved “” that would be a good indication that it’s an issue with the usage of the UFC initials. If they rejected me, it could be they don’t want bloggers sponsoring fighters.

    2) The other possibility could be that some people in the UFC are threatened by the fact that Sean Salmon made a nice little following for himself without any promotional help from the UFC. Maybe the UFC wants to control who gets to be a star and who doesn’t.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Sam Kaplan still owes me a t-shirt

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Same here Hindsight. I would not have ever worn the thing but really wanted a Fedor vs Baenette shirt

  • hindsightufuk says:

    I wouldn’t have worn it if you’d paid me, but I would be selling it on ebay one day in the future

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Damm how long ago was that contest? has to be 5 years or more.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    just looked it up, the event should have been July 22nd 2009!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    6 years dang we have been here a while.


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