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Tonight’s matches on TUF 5

Tonight’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 5 on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET will feature the final two matches of the quarterfinals with Manny Gamburyan vs. Matt Wiman and Nate Diaz vs. Corey Hill.

I’m really looking forward to the show tonight because after it we’ll know the final four for TUF. Gray Maynard and Joe Lauzon are already in.

I think we’re going to see two matches tonight, as opposed to one,  because one of them will end quickly. I think the match that ends quickly will be the one between the two teammates on Jens Pulver’s team, Hill and Diaz (not a spoiler, just a prediction).

I like Corey Hill and think he will become a superstar. But he looked very green in his first fight vs. Rob Emerson. He also doesn’t have a single pro fight under his felt and going against someone as well-rounded as Diaz is going to be too big of a hurdle to clear at this early stage of his career. I think Nate takes it via submission.

Wiman, who is one of three fighters who have fought in the UFC that’s a part of the TUF 5 cast, made quick work of Marlon Sims in a few weeks back. Gamburyan is short, but I was really impressed with his first bout. The dude is an animal. I’m kind of surprise we’re not hearing leaks about this being the fight of the year. This match could really go either way and I expect a war. I’m going with a hunch here and picking Gamburyan in an upset.

I’m assuming that the big plot line for next week’s show will be how the semifinal matches are made. That means we’ll get to see more drama between Jens and B.J. The semis are going to be some awesome matchups.

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    why is jens fighting corey hill?

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    How impressive was Corey Hill tonight? He was throwing Nate around like a rag doll and peppering him with solid punches. Shame that he got caught with the slowest-developing triangle since, well…ever. I’m really excited to see what he can do at the finale after a few months of serious training that hopefully taught him how to defend yellow-belt caliber submissions. Oh, and hopefully they fixed that ridiculous stance that he uses – where his hands are closer to preparing for a cartwheel than protecting his head.

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    The thing that surprised me is that while the show is shown over the span of weeks and months, it’s taped over a period of days (what I’m saying is, it’s not shown in real-time). So there may have only been a week, or a week in a half between Hill’s fight against Emerson and his fight against Nate. He still looked green vs. Nate, but the improvement was astounding. I mean, to improve like that in a span of days is remarkable.

    Eric, like you, I’m excited to see Hill on the finale (well, I guess we won’t see it right away… we’ll have to wait a few months for it to be Unleashed, but we’ll hear about the results). I’m real curious to know what camp he has decided to train with.


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