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Good Dana White interview

In addition to doing the Jim Rome Show, UFC president Dana White was also a guest on a local-Sacramento sportstalk station last night. I apologize for not knowing the station or the host’s name, but it was a real good interview.

It’s available at:

A quick heads up, you’ll have to download some software and the file. Once the file starts playing, you’ll need to fast forward to around the 5:00 mark to hear the start of the interview.

Highlights of the interview include:

– Dana referring to Bodog Fight creator Calvin Ayre as “that criminal.” He wouldn’t mention Ayre by name and likened Ayre to the lead characater in the movie Brewster’s Millions. Dana said he’s trying to lose as much money as he can in 48 hours. Funny stuff.

– The Koscheck issue was brought up, Dana laughed by saying he doesn’t even read MySpace and that you’re lucky to get a response from him via e-mail. He said Koscheck’s people called and told him that the account was hacked and it wasn’t Koscheck’s words. Dana said he knows Koscheck and that he’s the “type of kid” who if he felt that way, would say it directly to Dana.

– The WEC’s ratings were brought up. Dana said he was proud of the show and pleased with the ratings. He addressed criticism about the ratings by saying people on the Internet don’t know what they’re talking about. Dana said the show was the fifth-highest rated in the history of Versus and it did great in spite of all the other programming that it competed against such as the MTV Music Awards and the Yankees vs. Red Sox game (which was close until the end) on ESPN. Dana didn’t even bring up the Sopranos or Entourage.

– By talking about the WEC ratings, he also segued into the ratings for the current season of TUF. Dana defended the ratings once again and trashed critics. He said the ratings in the first season did anywhere between a 1.1 and a 2.1 (peaking during the Leben stuff). Dana pointed to the fact that there’s about 45-55 hours of UFC programming on now (compared to none back when TUF 1 started airing) and the ratings are still solid.

– The host mentioned’s deal with Sherdog. Dana ripped Sherdog worse than he rips the IFL, saying he has “no respect” for Sherdog and that he’d never personally do business with them again. He said ESPN didn’t know what they were doing when they chose Sherdog for their MMA content.

– The host talked about Dana’s initial comments back on March 27 about Pride being run as a separate company and retaining its identity. Dana backed off, saying once again that they’re “still figuring Pride out.”

– Nogueira was brought up. Despite all the rumors, Dana is still saying Big ‘Nog will debut for the UFC at UFC 73 this July in Sacramento. No mention of Heath Herring, his rumored opponent.

– Confirmed that Cro Cop will be fighting again at UFC 75 this September in London.

– Dana said he’s “confident I’ll get Fedor.”

– Boxing was brought up and some interesting things were said. Dana said he doesn’t hate boxing and that he and Floyd Mayweather Jr. used to be close. He got a big reaction from the host when he said “Who knows, I might be the guy who comes back and saves boxing.”

– ESPN and HBO were brought up. Dana’s comments in this regard were interesting. At one point he said Spike is a “great partner” but that they “want to grow” and that “anything can happen.” If you recall, when I interviewed Dana he made it sound like leaving Spike would never happen. I think he’s softened his stance a tiny bit.

– Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva was brought up. Dana basically just said “I’d love to do it.”

Hope you all enjoyed the recap.

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    why does he hate sherdog so much?

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    Dana has a lot of balls calling other folks criminals. The fertita’s themselves aren’t exactly squeaky clean. Lorenzo and Frank III took over the family business because their dad Frank Jr was an unindicted co-conspirator in skimming money from their casino and turning it over to the mob (it’s a fact, go do a google search). And then there are the shady folks behind Xyience. Those are the kinda folks Dana is hanging with, those who live in glass octagons shouldn’t cast stones.

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    For the record, TUF 1’s overall ratings ranged from 1.4 to 2.0 and averaged 1.7.

    As published on MMAWeekly (, these are the raw numbers. The drop in overall ratings is notable, but the drop in the key demographic is much more significant:

    “In terms of overall ratings, TUF 5 is averaging a 1.2 rating through its first nine episodes. At the same point in previous TUF seasons, the first season was averaging a 1.6 overall rating, the second season was averaging a 1.4 overall rating, the third season was averaging a 1.7 overall rating, and the fourth season was averaging a 1.3 overall rating.

    In the advertiser-coveted 18-to-34-year-old male demographic, TUF 5 is averaging a 1.6 rating through nine episodes. At the same point in previous TUF seasons, the first season was averaging a 2.1 rating, the second season was averaging a 2.5 rating, the third season was averaging a 3.0 rating, and the fourth season was averaging a 2.2 rating.”

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    I used to wonder why the UFC didn’t grant Sherdog access and why they don’t seem to appreciate how much Sherdog does to boost the sport of MMA. At this point, I think it comes down to the fact that the UFC will not respect other MMA promoters because they are driven by the prospect of monopolizing the sport. Dana seems to believe that if you want to raise the profile of mma, then put all of your support behind the UFC, because they’ve got the best chance to go mainstream. However, their events have long been hamstringed by the fact that they wouldn’t even acknowledge their fighters’ extensive fighting history in Pride and other promotions. Because Sherdog is interested in the depth and diversity of the sport, and is not an exclusive running dog for UFC enterprises, then Dana won’t do business with them (talks bad about them, etc). Similar behavior has been seen by the Bush administration’s demand of loyalty from journalists. As soon as anyone voices criticism or explores other avenues for information, then they get their character assasinated, etc. Even if you don’t buy that analogy, it’s undemocratic and anti-competetive, and shortsighted. This is one reason why I’m so excited that Stephen “The Fight Professor” Quadros is doing a show on Sherdog. His ringside analysis always took the big picture of K-1 and UFC into account when discussing fights. That is kind of objectivity that is informative for fans and probably very attractive to ESPN.

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    Thanks for posting up this interview. The show host is Carmichael Dave, and he’s on from 9pm-12am M-F on KHTK; Sports 1140. The best thing about Carmichael Dave is he was the first person in Sacramento to cover MMA, and the UFC. And he was getting shit from the program director for it, but he sold them on it—-and MMA fans throughout the Nor Cal valley are lucky he did.

    And no, I have nothing to do with the station, I’m just a fan of his show and of UFC/MMA, and wanted to give him his due.



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