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Attendance figures for Dynamite USA!!

The California State Athletic Commission has made the attendance figures available for FEG’s Dynamite USA!! show that took place this past Saturday at the LA Coliseum.

Total attendance for the show was 18,340 . The paid attendance was 3,674.  The total house was approximately $2.3 million in gross receipts.

Loretta Hunt from The Fight Network reported on Mauro Ranallo’s radio show earlier this week that FEG has purchased tickets from themselves (buying them at a bulk rate) and put them out on the streets to be distributed in the days leading up to the event. It looks like that number was 39,083. The number of comps (tickets that FEG didn’t have to buy in order to give away) was 13,600.

The actual turnstile count (total of number of people who attended, paid and free) was 18,340 (CSAC had someone whose sole job it was on Saturday to handle tracking the number of fans entering the Coliseum).

FEG’s reported number of over 50,000 in attendance was totally bogus.

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    Josh Gross reports that the total attendance is officially 42,757. I’m not sure how they arrived at that number, because his article also states that they counted 18,340 people coming in through the gates. Where did the other 20,000+ people come from?

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    CSAC says there were entrances where there were no turnstiles, so it’s definitely possible that the attendance was more than 18,340. However, anyone who entered without there being a turnstile click or not documented as entering in some way can’t be officially counted.

    However, it can’t be 42,757 because a big part of that number is derived from the 39,083 tickets FEG bought from themselves (in the report, it’s listed as tickets sold by FEG… and FEG did sell 39,083 tickets… to themselves). So they put nearly 40,000 tickets out on the streets. In order for over 40,000 people to have entered the Coliseum, it would have meant that just about everyone who got a free ticket ended up deciding to go.

    Personally, I’m not sure how official CSAC’s count is if there were entrances with no turnstiles. And who knows about the ticket figures. Once it was late in the show, whose to say some of the staff working the entrances didn’t bail early and the floodgates opened. And whose to say at a certain point the staff working the gates decided to just stop looking for tickets.

    While it’s not official, I put a lot of stock into Mauro Ranallo’s estimate of there being between 20,000-30,000 at the time of the two main events.

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    I posted this on, but I wanted to post it here as well:

    I’m a little confused as to why people are reporting the attendance as over 40,000 people. The turnstile count was only just over 18,000. Yes, over 40,000 tickets were bought, but FEG bought 39,000 of those tickets!

    It would one thing if the attendance was counted as some how MLB teams do it (some teams use a turnstile/head count for official attendance, while others report on tickets sold) where they just go by tickets sold.

    So, if 35,000 tickets are purchased and only 20,000 show up because it’s a rainy day, they report the attendance as 35,000. But I can live with the 35,000 number because those tickets were actually purchased by individual customers, and not the actual teams themselves!

    If CSAC, or whoever handles these records allow the 40,000-plus figure to stand then it sets a dangerous precedence that you can buy an attendance record. If you can buy the record, then it really has no meaning and they should just stop wasting tax payer’s money in hiring officials to track attendance.

    You know, Calvin Ayre has a ton of money and doesn’t mind losing it. Even though he couldn’t attend the event, he should book the LA Coliseum for a big show. Then he should set the price of every ticket at $5 and then go out and buy every single available ticket from his own promotion. Bodog would then hold the U.S. MMA attendance record, a record no promotion would likely be ever to break.

    Bottom line, tickets that a company sells to themselves should not count towards official attendance.

    I got to run, my plan is to visit my own website 30,000 times today and then tell potential sponsors that I got 30,000 page views today.

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