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Update: Koscheck’s page was hacked

To update a story posted earlier, as I suspected, Josh Koscheck’s MySpace page was indeed hacked. He did not write that diatribe about Dana White taking advantage of fighters.

Now, the question is, who was the hacker? Was it Diego Sanchez? Was it Georges St. Pierre? Or was it the kid who came down to Koscheck’s school who got totally owned in the YouTube video? Someone call Colombo.

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    What is funny is how this was all over the net in a matter of moments. And just about everything I read had praise for Kos coming out like that even though he may have been wrong.

    In the end it was fun to watch the day unfold!

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    I reported it early, but from the start I was skeptical they were his words. Koscheck isn’t an idiot, there’s no way he’d cut his own throat like that whether he truly felt that way or not.


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