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What would you ask the IFL?

I’m working on lining up some interview this week and there’s a chance I might interview IFL co-owner Gareb Shamus for a CBS Sportsline article tomorrow.

I’m putting together a list of questions right now but I wanted to see if there was anything you guys would like to see me ask. I will definitely be asking about their financial situation and whether they can make it through the year.

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    personally, i have questions about their marketing methods. the team-based concept seems to fly best when you give teams a geographic tie, historically speaking. they seem to run these fights everywhere, and team logos don’t have the city/region name in them. there’s the embarrassing “ambulance” ad debacle as well… i don’t know if there’s a question in there. hm.

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    I will ask him if they are committed to the current team format or if they are considering going in a different direction.

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    the team concept is pretty cool to me, I’m just wondering how they keep it up… how do suspensions work in the team game? are all teams owned by the same group? can independents jump in? i confess i haven’t watched it as much. Some interesting fighters in there tho, palaszewski and horodecki for two. rothwell obviously… do they put on PPV events?
    Like all team endeavors I’d like to see a more coherent schedule…it seems a bit willy-nilly.

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    Ask them, How come they aren’t showing any live shows on TV. Live MMA is where it’s at, not highlights and a 1 hour show.

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    Ask how he plans to deal with the prospect of having some of these athletes fight each other four or five times? That could be very, very boring.

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    Perhaps bring up the stock price drop?

    Ask if they will be broadcast live eventually and when/what channel?

    Also the other day I read there were issues about a fighter being made an alternate and the organization wouldn’t pay his health care costs because of the move. Ask if there is any intention to improve the contacts or pay to be sure the issue doesn’t come up again and get their official stand on the issue.

    Another thing I have heard fans wonder is if they could have 2-3 fights in each weight class (like the rosters of other sports) and then they would choose what fighter fights so they have the best matchup. Could make for more interesting fights.

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    The team points should be changed from 1 pt per win to a point system more like that used in wrestling duels. Say, a team was awarded three points for a win by submission or knockout and one point for a decision. Then teams would be in the game longer, have a chance for an awesome comeback, and later fights wouldn’t be null fights.

    So ask him about changing the team scoring system. PLEASE. THANK YOU

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    off topic:
    i think u should join Zach´s Fightopinion, also u prob have some good media connection so hook Zach up…

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    Ask if the IFL would consider a ring surrounded by a fence instead of a ring surrounded by ropes. Ropes and MMA do not mix well and I think people have come to expect that real MMA fights take place in a fenced in area.

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    -Are they planning – in the short term – to expand their roster both within their teams and in the number of teams themselves? It can be pretty exhausting for an athlete to fight so many times during such a short season, not to mention boring to the audience if he ends up fighting someone repeatedly (especially if they don’t match well).

    -Also, are they planning to target other demographics like the UFC has been doing?

    -I believe the 4-minute round format is designed to fit more fights into one evening. However, wouldn’t it be better for the sport and the IFL’s own credibility if they started to follow the unified rules?


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