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Update on Ruediger

Loretta Hunt of The Fight Network was able to also contact the head of the California State Athletic Commission, Armando Garcia. Garcia was a bit more forthcoming with Hunt in regard to Gabe Ruediger than he was with me.  

According to Garcia: 

“His [Ruediger’s] license was not suspended nor was it denied. His renewal application is still under review and he will not be available [to fight] this Saturday.” 

Sounds like semantics to me. Renewal application still under review? If Kazushi Sakuraba after all the beatings he’s taken can get a quick response to his application than why not Ruediger? And if Johnnie Morton, who to my knowledge has never so much fought in an amateur match, can get licensed, why is Ruediger’s renewal still “under review?” 

I’m still waiting to hear back from Ruediger but according to Hunt’s article, he’s apparently considering legal action. Good for him. 

Ruediger’s case has brought to light many other questionable situations in which CSAC denied or revoked licenses. Don’t be surprised if Garcia really comes under heavy scrunity in the coming months. 

Also, Royce Gracie has been licensed so his match vs. Sakuraba is definitely going to happen. 

I still plan to save my money and get my MMA fix on Sunday night by watching the WEC’s debut on Versus.


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