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Another fighter off Dynamite USA!! card

Antonio “Big Foot” Silva is the latest fighter to be taken off the K-1 Dynamite USA card. No official reason is given. His scheduled opponent, Jonathan Wiezorek, is now slated to take on Tim “Big Perm” Persey in a bout that will be televised on Showtime cable. 

If I haven’t made it clear by now, I’m really disgusted at the whole Dynamite USA debacle. I like EliteXC and hope their portion of the card goes well but I will not be ordering the PPV because I can’t bring myself to support FEG and their irresponsible business practices. It’s hard for me to say that considering I’ve been looking forward to Brock Lesnar’s MMA debut for quite some time. I would just rather save my money at this point and watch the WEC on Versus instead. 

It’s considered very unprofessional when a fighter is unable to make weight. However, I think it’s equally unprofessional for fighters not to have their medicals submitted to the athletic commission well in advance of their fight. 

I really don’t understand the Japanese MMA business landscape. There is a tremendous fanbase for MMA in Japan yet Pride was run into the ground and K-1 Hero’s doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation. A lot of people say how tough it’s going to be for the Fertittas to succeed in Japan because an American-owned and operated business wouldn’t be well received by the Japanese. However, isn’t some MMA better than no MMA? Clearly there is a void in Japan when it comes to a well run mixed martial arts promotion and it seems like there’s a golden opportunity for a new entry to go in there and become successful, if everything is done right.


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